John Steinbeck Nobel Prize for Literature acceptance speech: BLACK OUT POETRY

The idea behind Black Out Poetry is to use a text/poem/speech to form a new poem by hiding/highlighting some words or lines.

It is an interesting exercise to help the students:

  • Shift their attention
  • Interact with the text differently
  • Focus on language and word choice
  • Connect visual arts to literature

From Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, the students were asked to scan for anchor words (words standing out for them).

Then, they highlighted or circled them with a pencil and by doing so, they naturally created the direction of their blackout poem.

Around the selected words/sentences, the students designed an appropriate artistic representation of their poem, and used it to black out the unused words or parts.

Here are their incredible Black Out Poems!

John Steinbeck Nobel Prize for Literature acceptance speech