This year, with my “from reading to speaking group” in 5eme, we started off with a sequence on newspaper headlines and writing news articles. Later in the year, I decided to have them create their own Radio News Bulletin to take the experience one step further.

Individually, they had to look up international breaking news in February 2016, select the ones they liked the most and present them to the class. The 10 best news topics were selected by the group, as they kept in mind the importance of the variety of topics necessary for a radio news bulletin.

We then organized the class in pairs and each pair had to write their own script, imagine an interview relevant to their story, and finally record their piece of news using an MP3 recorder.

At the same time, we chose our hosts for the radio program, another pair of students from our group, to work only on: the opening jingle and presentation of the program, the headlines, and the closing segment and jingle.

The students did a wonderful job selecting their news topics and recording them again and again until they managed to get a close-to-perfect recording. It gave us a great Radio News Bulletin of 20 minutes that you can discover below.

Here are the headlines selected:

  1. US flies F-22 jets over South Korea in show of force against the North. (Yann Bouchet and Andy Petret
  2. Will the Zika virus become a global pandemic? (Thaddée du Moulin de la Brétèche and Nathan Mine)
  3. A same-sex couple’s photo posted for Valentine’s Day upsets Adidas’ instagram fans. (Pham Ha Phuong, Emma Beard and Kim Tessier)
  4. Endangered baby dolphin dies after swimmers pass it around for selfies. (Phung Thuy Duong and Le Hoang Ha Giang)
  5. The 6 Nations Tournament: who will win? (Mathias Labric and Kevin Nguyen)
  6. “Hairy Panic” tumbleweed invades Australian town. (Matéo Lerda and Marèse Burtz)
  7. Movie release: Zootopia. (Lucie Duong and Horace Socroun)
  8. What will life be like, in 2116? (Ha Pham Lac Viet, Lucille Penot)
  9. 2016 Summer Olympic Games: new nations and independent athletes. (Jérémie Kubik and Nolan Paris)
  10. Indonesian school teaches baby orangutans survival skills (Hanaë Gratiot and Emma Proteau)

HOSTS: Maiann Nabec and Kim Tessier.
TEACHER: Mrs Nguyen Duy