Section internationale

the british international section

The International Section at Marguerite Duras wishes to offer students a bilingual but also bicultural education. This stream combines the traditional French curriculum, together with high-level English, literature and history-geography classes.

The International Section classes are taught by native English-speaking teachers, or Anglophone trained teachers, who are responsible for teaching literature, language and history-geography to the British national standards.

The International Section at Marguerite Duras follows the students from Sixième through Troisième, where they sit the International Option of the DNB in English and History-geography (oral exams).

In order to allow full exposure to the English language, and for your child to meet English in its various forms, we strongly recommend private reading.

The following reading lists have been drawn up by the English teachers. They are intended to be suggested reading ideas, and are by no means to be regarded as compulsory lists.

Reading list for 6eme and 5eme Reading list for 4eme and 3eme