The British international section

Please find below the application form to apply to the British International Section for the 2018 school year, and to be sent to the following address: Please note that the application deadline is: March 9, 2018.

Application form International Section

Admission in the International Section is selective and requires a lot of extra work from students.

Please see below for details about the application and admission processes, a general presentation of the section, its objectives and general recommendations.

About the british international stream

The International Section at Marguerite Duras wishes to offer students a bilingual but also bicultural education. This stream combines the traditional French curriculum, together with high-level, literature and history-geography classes.

Native English-speaking teachers or Anglophone trained teachers teach the International Section classes. They are certified to teach their subject in the language of the section and are responsible for teaching literature, language and history-geography according to the British National Standards.
In addition to their teaching certification, International Section teachers must attest to a C2 level in all language skills. An international teaching experience is an added value.

The International Section at Marguerite Duras follows the students from Sixième through Troisième, where they sit the International Option of the DNB in English and History-geography.


Admission and application process

Please note that the admission in the British International Section is subject to availability and is very demanding in terms of work from the students.


  • Deadline to submit the application form: March 9, 2018 to be sent to:
  • Only for new applicants and 3eme LFID students in SI: compulsory written entrance test:
    • Wednesday, March 28, 2018: for LFIDuras students
    • For newcomers, distance testing (to be organised with their school. A Skype interview may be required).
  • Language commission: May 2018.
  • June: Final validation given by the Conseils de Classe
  • End of June: Final results sent to the families by email.

The Language commission : ITS MISSIONS

General Description :

Every year at the end of May, the Language Commission meets to study and to rule on the applications in the language streams offered by the school (Bi-Langue, British International Section). The Commission is chaired by the headmaster, and is composed of teachers, mainly principal teachers (for the students already in Bi-Langue or International Section), French, Maths, History and Geography and English teachers.
The main criteria reviewed are : the results in all the language skills (from the diagnostic evaluations and/or admission tests), the results in History and Geography, French, Maths and finally, the general profile of the student.

Role and function :

For outside applicants, the Commission rules in favour or against the applications, based on the school records sent by the families, as well as on the distance admission tests.
For LFI Duras applicants, the Commission rules in favour or against the applications, after an admission test. The ruling will then be validated during the last ‘conseil de classe’ of Term 3, for secondary students, or by the Primary school Director, for CM2 students.
For students already in International Section or Bi-Langue, the commission and the teaching team study their overall results and can rule on whether a student remains in the section or not. The commission will examine the results of each student (from the results in all the language skills, in History and Geography, French, Maths and finally, from the general profile of the student). The ruling will then be validated during the last ‘conseil de classe’ of Term 3.
When a student leaves the International Section, he will return to the regular language stream and will be able, if he wishes, to apply again for the International Section, the following year.

Classes and exams

    • LITERATURE: teaching of a literature class in English:
      • 6ème : 4h LV1 + 4h literature,
      • 5ème, 4ème and 3ème : 3h LV1 + 4h literature
    • HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY: the French syllabus is adapted to include a greater emphasis on the history and geography of the section country (4 hours a week instead of the usual history-geography provision, with 2 hours taught in English).
    • EXAMS AND DIPLOMAS: Pupils enrolled in the international section sit the International Option of the DNB (Diplôme National du Brevet) in literature and history-geography.

The international option of the DNB is made up of:

      • All standard written exams in French
      • Two specific oral exams in language and literature and history-geography each with a coefficient of 1. Both exams are in English.

Private reading and summer reading lists

In order to allow full exposure to the English language, and for your child to meet
English in its various forms, we strongly recommend private reading. The following reading lists have been drawn up by the English teachers. They are intended to be suggested reading ideas, and are by no means to be regarded as compulsory lists.
International Section Suggested Reading Lists 6-5

International Section Suggested Reading Lists 4-3

All students will have to complete two summer readings. These readings are compulsory and will be used in class. A summer Reading Study Guide will have to completed by the end of summer (one for each novel).

Please note that copies of the books are available at school and will be lent to the students in June. For newcomers, you will be given the Summer reading Lists once the admission in International Section is validated at the end of June.

Summer Reading List Study Guide

Job Vacancies

  • English Literature and language teacher, International Section

    LFIDuras’ International Section is looking for a native English Literature and Language teacher to teach international classes (year 7 to 10). The successful candidate will be British and have some experience in the British Educational system. Knowledge of the French educational system and experience teaching GCSE and OIB will be encouraged.

  • History and Geography British Teacher

    LFIDuras’ International Section is looking for a qualified secondary History and Geography teacher from September 2018 to teach the French curriculum in English to its international classes (year 7-10).

→ Teachers interested in one of these positions, please fill out the Application Form